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Who is Egg Party?

Egg Party is a comedy group based in Austin, TX. We’re a team of writers, actors, filmmakers, producers, and musicians, but the one thing that sets us apart from other comedy groups is that we’re also… roommates.

We’ve been improvising and creating content together for over 8 years now, and we realized that life is too short not to try to start a comedy group with your friends at least once. So, we decided to move in together and give it a name. We tossed around a few ideas one night at Chili’s, and thus, “Egg Party” was born.

Over the last year, we’ve specialized in vertical content, growing an audience of over 165K+ TikTok followers. During that time, we’ve also traveled far and wide (to Waco, TX and various spots around Austin, but traffic does make for a pretty lengthy commute) performing live improv comedy shows.





6.8 million+

Laughs Generated


Well, This is Us.

Alone, we are 6 cool, photogenic, funny people.

Together, we are 6 cool, photogenic, funny people with cheaper rent.

Noah Alderfer

Kolby Jacobs

Gabe Lipton

Lucas  McCutchen

Caroline Munsell

Tiffany Navarro Lipton

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